Lots of Opportunities for Buddha Fellows in Agribusiness : Adarsh Kumar

11 July, 2018: Adarsh Kumar, Senior Agribusiness Specialist at the World Bank spoke extensively about the World Bank’s approach to enterprise and agribusiness development and its collaborations with the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of MSME.


He said that the Bank’s support to agribusiness projects focuses on themes such as the development of extension services, new technologies, improved livestock breeds, skill development of farmers, post-harvest infrastructure, market linkage services etc.

He informed Buddha Fellows that there is a dearth of technical expertise and a skilled workforce who can work in the chain of livelihood projects through value chain and enterprise promotion.

The support for enterprise development is broadly categorized according to the size of the business:

  • Microenterprise: An enterprise with turnover ranging from one to five lakh
  • Medium Scale:  An enterprise with a turnover ranging from 5 to 10 lakh
  • Large Scale: An enterprise with a turnover of 10 lakh and above and that holds promise for substantial employment generation in rural areas will get support for scale up.


He urged Buddha Fellows to think about creating such sustainable enterprises as there are opportunities for grants for enterprises that have a bank capital or the entrepreneur’s own capital that has been invested.